Location & Travel

The Location will be as usual a magical hideout in the mountains with creeks running trough.

However the exact location you will not find anywhere on the web. Meeting point will be published online.

We recommend you to plan your travel to Romania for now. Check flights to Airports like Sibiu (closest to the location), Cluj-Napoca, Targu Mures or Bucharest (this is the furthest to the location), and choose the most convenient flight for yourself.

Once in Romania or Transylvania you can easily reach our shuttle & meeting point by Bus, Train, Car.

If you have a ticket you are in the list of people who will received a newsletter with all information how to get Transylvania Calling location or your closest meeting point.

Please check your inbox after the 1st of July 2019 (also spam/junk folder) and read carefully the arrival and survival guide.

Getting by plane: The closest airports are in: Cluj-Napoca (CLJ), Targu Mures (TGM), Sibiu (SBZ), Timisoara (TSR), Bucharest (OTP)

!!! Do not take taxi from the airport at any cause! It is too far and you might get ripped off

When you hitchhike, leave a small tip, like 5 or 10 LEI, depending on the distance, or tell the driver before you get in that you have no money, otherwise you might have surprises. Liftshare Coming from Europe it might be the cheapest and best way to use this carpooling facility: www.blablacar.com

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