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Please check tickets information and FAQ here.


If you are planning to come with kids under 14 years old, please select the Kids add-on when you are purchasing your ticket. All attendees under 18 years old must be accompanied by their parents.


If you attend the Festival with your dog please take in consideration the following rules:

  • All dogs have to be registered in advance by e-mail

  • Make sure your dog is friendly. If you have any reason to believe that your dog may be aggressive or difficult to control please do not bring it to the Festival

  • A dog should have an updated ID tag, i.e. owner’s name and phone number

  • No dogs are allowed in the festival area, including the dance floor, market and workshop areas at any time unless it is identified as a disability assistance animal

  • You are responsible for your pet’s sanitation and disposal of its waste in the toilets at all times

  • If a dog shows any potential for hostility towards other people or other animals you will be required to remove it from the festival or keep it tied up at all times within your camping spot area

  • If your dog is found roaming the festival grounds, disturbing other campers (barking included) or you fail to keep your site clean, your ticket will be cancelled without refund and you will be escorted from the event.

The location

  • The Location for TC 2019 is as usual a magical hideout in the Carpathian mountains of Transylvania (Romania) with a nice waterway / creek running through

  • The exact location, GPS, closest train & bus station as well as free shuttle service info will be kept a secret until the last minute and will be sent together with the Arrival and Survival Guide as usual via Email to all Ticket Holders 1 month before the event

  • Please check your mailbox when you start packing (also spam / junk folder) and read carefully the arrival and survival guide. Print it and take it with you as it will be useful

How to get there

  • We recommend you to plan your travel to Romania as soon as possible especially if you come via airplane in order to benefit of cheaper priced air tickets

  • The closest city to the festival location is Brasov, a medieval Saxon city

How to arrive at the festival

  • By Air: The nearest international Airport to the location is Sibiu (SBZ). It has a good bus and train connectivity to Brasov (about 150 km distance). You can also book a flight to Bucharest (OTP) or Cluj-Napoca (CLJ) that are located about 200-300 km away from Brasov. The flights might be cheaper but you will have a longer distance to cover inside Romania to reach the festival location. From there you would need to take a train or a bus to Brasov

  • By bus/train: Take any international bus/train operator to get to Brasov. If you are traveling from other Romanian cities, you can reach Brasov by local bus and railways

    • For romanian bus operators and routs click here

    • For Romanian Railways click here

  • BlaBlaCar: is quite popular in Romania for traveling between cities. If you are ok to share a ride, feel free to create an account and use the service. Click here to create account

  • Hitchhiking: When you hitchhike in Romania, leave a small tip, like 5-10 lei or tell the driver before you get in that you have no money, otherwise you might have surprises

Moving around in a city

There are public busses available from Bucharest Otopeni International Airport to the main train station, Gara de Nord (express bus line 780), but also you can find direct busses from the airport to Fagaras. If you would like to do sightseeing, please use the recommended Taxi providers. Average taxi fares are 1.40-2.50 lei per km during the day. Night fares could be higher.

Be careful with taxis especially at the Bucharest train station, particularly those who approach you to offer their services.

It is a rule to pay cash in the taxi unless it is Uber!

  • We will have a shuttle organized from the nearest town to the festival location. The exact shuttle schedule and rout will be shared along with the festival location 1 month before the festival in the Arrival and Survival guide

  • If needed, we can also hire and send a bus to pick up larger groups

Please use our Transylvania Calling Group on Facebook to connect with fellow festival goers for ride sharing, find travel companions and more. If you plan to come and explore Romania before the festival and before we send the Arrival and Survival Guide please call or write us as we can help you plan your trip:

Phone: +40752471829
(SMS if no signal and we call you back)


What to take and what not to take with you, these are never easy decisions, but try to pack light and take only what you really need and is useful to make your trip pleasant. The festival location is in a mountain valley, altitude 600 m. Daytime might be warm, but nights can get pretty cold and sometimes humid. Also weather can be unpredictable in mountains and it can rain anytime. What to bring:

  • Ticket and photo ID

  • Drinking water and refill container

  • Camping gear: tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag

  • Headlamp (forest has no light-bulbs)

  • Spending money (Euro and Ron)

  • Travel mug, plate and cutlery

  • Portable ashtray and garbage bags

  • Hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, swimming suit

  • Warm clothes and rain coat

  • Shoes for walking/trekking, light dancing shoes, sandals

  • Enough underwear for 8 days

  • Towel, bio soap, toothbrush and paste

  • Cool and funky outfits / accessories: The festival is a celebration of color and magic, it is a place for transformation. If you want to be a witch, an elf, a spaceman, cartoon character, your favorite movie hero/heroine, a pirate, a butterfly or anybody and anything else, be brave and  bring anything that could make you shine and stand out

  • A fun loving attitude

What not to bring

  • Glass objects (many are walking bare feet)

  • Fire arms (prohibited by law)

  • Drugs (possession and consumption are prohibited in Romania)

  • Drones (Romania requires an authorization for each time of flying drones)

  • Garlic … oops!

Currency and Exchange

The official currency in Romania is RON (Romanian Leu – singular; Lei - plural) it will be used as a default currency at the festival and markets. However, some shops do accept euros. Note, there will be no exchange office at the festival site. You can change the currency:

  • at the airport (the least attractive rates)

  • in bank offices (e.g. Banca Transilvania, BRD, ING, Banca Romaneasca, etc.)

  • in currency exchange stations (usually have the most attractive deals)

Be aware that some exchange offices and banks can show attractive rates but also charge commission for an exchange transaction. That is a way of ripping off inattentive customers. We would recommend to find the one that does not take commissions!


Know the festival site

At the festival there will be the following areas and facilities: parking areas, box office, infoboard, phone charging station, lockers, lost & found, first aid; stage and dance floor, market, restaurants and chai shops, chill-out and healing / workshops area, kids area, community fires, camping areas, showers, and toilets.

Box office and Infoboard

  • Upon arrival at the festival, please check in at the box office by presenting your ticket and ID. We will provide you with a bracelet

  • Here you can pick up your t-shirt in case you have ordered it

  • Maps, flyers, shuttle info, internet access, phone service, and phone charging station will be available here for your convenience

  • Info board will be located in the most central spot at the festival site and will have all the important information about the festival program, shuttle schedules, workshops, etc.

Parking and camping areas

If you arrive with any vehicle (car, bike, RV or caravan), you need a vehicle pass. According to the vehicle and your pass, parking assistants will direct you to General parking, Caravan camp or Car camping area. Families with children are welcome to settle in the Family camp.

  • Moving cars from the camping areas during the festival should be avoided

  • When you leave your car in the organized parking space at the festival site, always leave enough room for others to move their vehicles

  • Never park on the road and keep all access points free!

  • Loud music and screaming in the camping areas is not tolerated

  • Note, that camping is for sleeping and relaxing, so please respect those around you


Please leave all precious items at home. In case you have any on you, we recommend using our locker service. The lockers can be booked presale or at the box office.

Lost & Found

If you find something which is not yours, take it immediately to Lost & Found point (at the locker station). No matter how unimportant the item might seem, it can have huge sentimental value for your brother or sister who lost it.


  • Camp fires are prohibited! The forest is a fragile ecosystem, and fires spread easily so please understand

  • We will have a few community fireplaces that will be maintained by the festival crew.

  • For cooking you can use camping gas cooker if you have it. Please be really careful and don't leave it unmonitored!


  • Unfortunately there are no ATMs at the festival location

  • The closest ATMs are ~20 mins drive away and can be reached by shuttle or personal car.

Signal on location

Unfortunately there is no phone or internet signal at the festival location. We are currently working on bringing the telecommunication services and will update you accordingly.

Health and Safety

SOS emergency number is 112


  • We have a devoted team of security here to help us. They are very nice people always ready to help, with a great sense of humor but they will also take action if needed. Let’s make love, not war!

  • If you see any acts of theft, inform security or crew, while asking someone else to keep an eye on the matter meanwhile. The security will be around all the time to keep you safe

First Aid

  • We have a first aid team, working 24h/day at your service. They can provide any kind of medical care and know how to handle overwhelming situations. Don’t hesitate to contact them if needed. If you see someone who might need any help, inform them, let’s help each other

  • To keep yourself safe drink plenty of water, eat well, sleep at least 5h per day and don’t make any abuses, keep balance and you will have an enjoyable experience

Waste management

  • The only thing to leave behind is a positive trace. Do not litter at the festival grounds. Collect yours and others’ garbage and throw it only in places arranged for that or keep it and bring it to the exit after the festival

  • We collect waste selective, so you will see that some bags are for plastic, some for aluminum, and some for other waste


  • Eco-Warriors are here to help keep this festival clean

  • They are psytrancers just like you and me and work at the festival as volunteers. We are family. The dancefloor is our playground and we want to keep it clean, as well as other festival areas

The Festival: Gates Open & Music Starts

  • Gates open at 11:11 on 12th of August and close at the same time on 19th August. Music starts on the 12th and ends on the 19th of August

  • We will take it slow to build up the atmosphere starting with ambient, chill and alternative music that will grow into dance music towards the evenings. During the first two nights the dance floor will be open until 2-3 AM. Starting Wednesday we enter into the powerful party spirit with non-stop music until Monday morning

  • The opening ceremony will take place on Wednesday, 14th August, late afternoon and closing ceremony – on Sunday, 18th afternoon. This will allow us to ensure that the majority of the festival attendees are present at these ceremonies

  • After the closing ceremony the after party starts and will continue until morning of Monday, 19th August


General info



Main Attractions

Interesting Facts


Saxon Heritage

Carpathian Mountains – National Parks

Travel around

Coming from Bucharest to Brasov

Bucegi mountains
Gondola / cable car to Sphinx (Sfinxul) and The Old Women (Babele)

Bucegi mountains
Gondola / cable car from Sinaia to the mountain stations at 1400 m and 2100 m

Peles Castle

Coming from Cluj-Napoca to Brasov

Turda Gorge, Tureni Gorge, Turda Muzeum, Roman Castrum Potaissa

Salina Turda Saltmine (Tourist Complex)





Valea Viilor

Rupea Fortress

Coming from Sibiu to Brasov

Bruckenthal Palace in Avrig
Walk in the garden, Restaurant, Accomodation, Pool:

Fagaras fortress

Fairy Castle made from cley (Castelul de Lut)

Transfagarasan and Balea Lake

Brasov County Info

Brasov City

Tampa mountain

Pietrele lui Solomon

Canionul 7 Scari

Bran Castle

Zarnesti Bears Sanctuary

Rasnov town

Rasnov Gorge, Rasnov Cave, Rasnov Citadel


Bucegi Mountains Nationalpark

Piatra Craiului National Park

Fagaras Mountains

Ciucas Mountains

Postavarul Mountains

Persani Mountains

Brasov County Protected Areas worth visiting

Bat Cave (Pestera Liliecilor):
Ice Cave (Pestera de Gheata):

Transylvania Calling special travel tips

The Apuseni Mountain range, in the western Carpathians, is a landscape of exquisite beauty and mystery. Here, you'll find ancient legends of mountain spirits and rare species of wildlife, along with 4,000 caves, many of which can be explored. Scarisoara Glacier, a national monument, shelters the second largest underground glacier on the continent.

Ramet Gorge (Cheile Rametului) is one of the most spectaculor gorges of Romania and definitly a nice adventure. We recomend to cross them and continue to Cheia Village and camp at least couple of nights as there is many things to see around. Cheia is the Village where we held the Transylvania Calling Festival in 2015 and since then we have settled here. Though te project is on hold until we can gather sufficient funds to continue The Eco Retreat Project called "The Key".

Sarmizegetusa Regia (Romanian Stonehenge) was the capital and the most important military, religious and political centre of the Dacians prior to the wars with the Roman Empire. Erected on top of a 1200 m high mountain, the fortress, comprising six citadels, was the core of a strategic defensive system in the Orăştie Mountains (in present-day Romania).

Pyramids of Sona are eight huge piles of mud (probably burial mounds) aligned in two rows create a unique and interesting view in Sona village, Brasov County. They are called the pyramids of Sona. We made some parties here many years ago. The view from the top is spectacular!

Grota Sinca Veche is a mystical place near the village named Sinca Veche.